A Portrait of Frank

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Excerpts from early speeches catapult Frank nationally into the Urban Studies Community.

“In accordance with modern day sense of values, the best of everything or anything, for that matter, consists in satisfying our basic needs. Security and comfort must necessarily head the general list, and I believe that since man is so inter-related to man, forming a complex social system, the best for me is that which is the best for all. I cannot achieve the best when our fellow men are deprived of vital needs, nor when I cannot be certain posterity will not lose the attainments of this generation. Therefore, man must protect himself, and provide for society through vision, fore-sight, planning, social consciousness, repair, and constant rebuilding; only then will any of us attain the best of everything.”
-Frank Davino in Speech at the Urban Symposium, Berkley CA (early 1961)

“Those who work in the field of social reform and deal with the lives of the disadvantaged, must realize that success will not come through forcing our ideas on them. It will only come from the steady formulation of a program aimed at giving responsibility to the disadvantaged, by making them a part of our planning through the incorporation of their ideas and needs as one of the important concept of the total community. They must share part of the responsibility as we must share their plight.”
-Frank Davino in Speech as Guest Speaker on Dias in Atlanta, GA (1965)

“His vision is unparalleled, his communication skills are remarkable, and his administration ability is second to none.”
-P. Murphy, Director of Planning, HUD (1979)

“Davino was rated #3 Urban Renewal Director in the country.”
-Paul Barone, Chairman of Waterbury Urban Renewal (1986)

“Davino’s ability to coordinate government agency assistance makes our industrial parks a monument to Frank’s relationship with State, Federal, and Local Governments. These ‘parks’ are probably the best of their kind in the state.”
-Richard Barbieri, Chariman of Waterbury Urban Renewal (1986)

“I can’t see any immediate way to replace him.¬† The guy is a 5-man operation.”
-Waterbury Republican American (1986)