Frank Saved the Palace


Protecting the theater from demolition the day he became urban renewal director.  There were those in the city such as the parking authority who wanted to tear The Palace down and add on to the parking garage proposed for that area.  Frank removed The Palace Theater from the Central Business District Project and presented it to Mayor Bergin in 1971.  Frank credits saving The Palace Theater to the over 500 volunteers who worked countless hours, days and weeks, to preserve Waterbury’s historic gem.

See Photograph below.

The Urban Renewal Agency presents its plan to save The Palace to City Planner, Mirto, Mayor Bergin, and Alderman Brunick in The Palace Theater in 1971.  This was the first presentation made before the plan to save the theater became public.  Many years later, Frank and Mayor Bergin executed the plan through referendum and The Palace Theater was saved.



Palace to be restored!
DSC_0116DSC_0115DSC_0112DSC_0111 Frank and the Palace Committee fought against the Waterbury Republican American.  Here, Frank awaits the Board of Alderman decision on The Palace Plan.

May 25, 1994 Observer.DSC_0338
The Drama Continues.DSC_0339 DSC_0340 DSC_0341
Big turnout.