Education and Accomplishments

St. Mary’s Grammar School
Sacred Heart High School
Attended Quinnipiac College – Business Administration (Military interruption)
University of Oklahoma – Certificate – Urban Renewal and Community Leadership
Practicing Law Institute, N.Y.C. – Urban Renewal and Housing Law
University of Hartford – Certificate – Planning and Urban Renewal Tech.
Georgia Institute of Technology – Certificate – Administration of Urban Renewal and Rehabilitation
Rutgers University – Certificate – Housing and Urban Renewal and Rehabilitation
Springfield College – Community Leadership and Social Work
Hartford Graduate School – Excellence in Grantsmanship – Certificate

Past Director of Connecticut Urban Renewal Association
Member of National Association of Housing and Urban Renewal Officials
President of Waterbury Municipal Administrators Association

Distinguished Service Award from Waterbury Jaycees as “Outstanding Young Man of the Year – 1965”
Named in Edition of Outstanding Young Men of America
Citation in Publication of NAHRO, Youngest Executive Director in U.S. 1965
Citation of Merit, House of Representatives, State of Rhode Island
NY Yankee Man of the Year 19XX


Served in the capacity of Chairman, Director, and/or Member of the following organizations:

Chairman or President of:

  • Soap Box Derby Committee
  • Waterbury Heart Fund
  • Bunker Hill Community Club
  • Waterbury Mental Health Assoc.
  • Past president Waterbury Jaycees
  • Waterbury Leukemia Society Chairman
  • Industrial Development Agency Chairman
  • Palace Theater Renovation Chairman
  • Festival 1987 & 2002 Chairman
  • Committee for a New Waterbury Chairman
  • Co-Chair -Waterbury Economic Development Committee
  • Economic Development Committee, City of Waterbury Executive Director
  • Co-Campaign Manager – Jarjura For Mayor – 2000
  • Co-Chairman Model Cities Task Force on Housing

Director Of:

  • Waterbury Economic Development Agency
  • Waterbury UP Committee Executive Director
  • Waterbury Urban Renewal Agency
  • Waterbury Housing Assistance Agency
  • Waterbury Rehabilitation Agency
  • Waterbury Central Relocation Agency
  • Waterbury Redevelopment Agency

Member of:

  • Rotary
  • Commission of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Cerebral Palsy Association
  • New Opportunities for Waterbury, Inc.
  • United Council and Fund
  • Waterbury Heart Fund
  • Waterbury Mental Health Association
  • Industrial Development Commission
  • Bunker Hill Community Club

Volunteered for Armed Forces while attending College (Quinnipiac)- 6 years enlistment
Honorably discharged from the U. S. Army, rank of Sergeant
Assigned to Overseas Duty in Korea – approximately 14 months

Executive Director
Waterbury Economic Development Agency
One Jefferson Square
Waterbury, Connecticut 06702

Started in Urban Renewal as Relocation Interviewer and was elevated to various positions which included General Aide, Property Manager, Community Relations Officer, Fiscal Officer, Administrative Assistant, Assistant to the Executive Director and was appointed Executive Director in 1964.

When appointed Executive Director of the Urban Renewal Agency in July of 1964 at age 27, the staff consisted of three people and two Urban Renewal Projects, with pending Federal Grants of approximately $1,100,000. Five years later, the Waterbury Urban Renewal Agency had grown into a conglomerate of development progress which, during his 23 years as the Development Coordinator and Director of 7 umbrella agencies, consisted of the following:

  • Eleven (11) Urban Renewal projects totaling in scope of approximately $47 million in Federal, State and Local funds.
  • Six (6) Rehabilitation Projects in various neighborhoods of the City totaling approximately $3 million in physical activities.
  • Five (5) industrial parks of some $11.5 million in local and State funds.
  • All Urban Renewal Rehabilitation and Industrial projects have been successfully closed out, totaling twenty-two (22) state and federal projects completed, more than any other agency or city in the United States. .

The Waterbury Urban Renewal Agency completed some $86 million in new construction with approximately 2.3 million square feet of new construction throughout the City in its varied renewal responsibilities and has completed twelve (12) major site improvement road and utility contracts which included Bank Street rehabilitation, Grand Street widening, North Main Street reconstruction and new street construction such as Progress Lane, Phoenix Avenue Extension and Mattatuck Heights, together with being designated as the UDAG, Housing Site Development and Rehabilitation Agencies for the City of Waterbury.

The staff had grown to its highest number of forty-eight people.

The Waterbury Urban Renewal Agency was also the designated action agency for the Community Development program and responsible for six action programs funded under Community Development. The agency was the central relocation agency for the City of Waterbury and has successfully relocated in excess of 1,500 families and individuals and over 325 businesses.

Frank was responsible for the writing of programs for several law changes on a national level which have been incorporated into H.U.D. manual requirements for land acquisition, disposition and relocation. Have worked very close with the City Plan Commission in Waterbury which has developed an entire development package for the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the downtown development plan and several unique instruments dealing with housing incentive and recreation programs.

Paul Barone, Chariman of the Waterbury Economic Agency, as well as Henry Helprin, Director of the Legal Department, and Melvin Early, Director of Acquisition of the United States Housing and Development Authority (HUD) have cited Frank as one of the three (3) top Executive Directors in the United States.  All have stated that his knowledge of the Renewal Program laws is second to none in the entire United States. (Bob Perry, Waterbury Republican American article.)


Vice President and Director of Carpin Manufacturing, Inc.. Varied duties include assisting the president with administrative and financing activities. Also developing sales and marketing techniques and advertising material along with programs to enhance the sales activity of the company.

Further duties include activity in the real estate, legal and expansion of the company; active in the sales program; assisting sales personnel both in closing and customer relation activities, together with the daily duties inherent.


  • Was the major shareholder of (4) Carvel lce Cream franchise stores, owned by the Davino Family – three in Waterbury, one in Florida.
  • Owned and operated a large amount of real estate for over 25 years.
  • Avid art and coin collector for himself and his family.
  • Dual-personality as a true cowboy.
  • Racecar driver — Graduate of Skip Barber racing school.
  • Author of one published book of poems (A Passer-by).
  • Recipient of the Adalteri deie Cross (Catholic Boyscouts’ highest Award).
  • Philanthropist (scholarships for students re. education).  So far there have been over 40 students awarded scholarships for grammar school, high school, and college in the name of Frank’s father and mother, Vera and Frank Davino.
  • Art, Coins, Financial, and Education Consultant and Lecturer at several universities across the country.  Most notably Berkley, CA and Georgia Tech.  Also serves as consultant to banks, private collectors, and museums.
  • Member of the American Numismatic Association
  • Host and creator of television show for seven years titled, “The Real Story,” Channels 13 and 21.